2003 Commission for a commercial of the financial company "Towers Derrs"

2000 Sculpture demonstration in the Altman Building for the internet company "Art Assets", New York

1995 Design and realization of a sculptural chair in iron and wood for career project, Spain

1994 Design and realization of a billboard for the movie "The Conquest of Paradise" in the "Roxi" cinema, Spain

1993 Canarian house of Valladolid, commissioned to make 500 canicos (Canarian craftsmanship) and objects for decoration, Spain


1991 Created a ceramic collection, which I merchandised and displayed in different stores

Commissioned to create a limited series of 100 pieces of melted lead for the process of making a silicon mold for the swedish musical group "Crossing Oceans" for the "Foxi" Music store, Spain.

1987-1989 Sculpture workshop Juan Bablo Ayala, commissioned to work with different materials such as wood, stone, clay, plaster, polyester, iron and silicone, Spain

1987 Participated in the decoration with carnival motifs of such public places as The Ocean Bar, La Telaraña Bar and others, Spain

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